BG1 Hopping

This AM I could not get BG1 for GOTG since I had a ressie for DHS. Will I be able to get the 1 pm BG1 if I haven’t entered Epcot? I thought since I could park hop anytime that I could get the 7 am BG. I know I should have changed my park reservation and then changed it back, but nothing I can do now. Thx.

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If you have tickets that need park reservations, you need an EP reservation to get a GotG VQ. You could buy an ILL. You need to enter EP before 1pm to get the 1pm VQ.


Yeah…an ILL may make the most logistical sense, even though it means $$$


If you have date based tickets that require a park reservation, you must have a park reservation for Epcot to get a BG for Guardians. For the 1:00 VQ you will need to have entered Epcot by 1:00.


Ok - so next trip we have 2 day tickets and my AP

Am I better off teaching my niece how to use BG1?

  • i am not planning to ride anything
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I would teach your niece but I believe you could still use BG1 to book the others if you have shared plans…