BG Practice Check

Ok I just practiced BG from home at 2 pm drop. Can someone tell me if I did it right?

  1. I opened the app about 5 minutes till 2.

  2. Clicked Join, it had me log in again, then I clicked back to the home page/join screen.

  3. Counted down to 2 pm using World Clock and tapped JOIN right at 2 pm.

  4. Next screen was select party, I kept myself only just bc practice

  5. Next screen after select party was “Not So Fast” is everyone in the park Obviously I am not in the park, so that is as far as I can go.

Does this all sound correct? In theory, did I “get it” b/c I made it to the Not So Fast screen?

Yes you got it! A fail would show a big red bar at the bottom of page.


Thanks for clarifying this. I have not tried as I have not had occasion to be going to the parks, but whenever I have seen these threads I have wondered how you can practice from home if you aren’t there.

Can you practice without a ticket?


Thanks for all of your help!!

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Someone else may be able to answer

Yes you can. It won’t give you a boarding group, but you’ll know if you’ve “got it”

Click join, when you get to the select party page, just keep clicking the continue button (is it join? continue? I forget, but it’s obvious). If the next page says “Not so fast you dont have a ticket” then you know you’ve made it in time. If a red bar appears that says all boarding groups are taken, then you didn’t get it.

I did the 2 PM drop today and got the RED BAR OF DEATH (as @Jeff_AZ and I now call it) because my thumb missed the first JOIN button and I had to hit it twice, costing me precious seconds. DANG IT

Edit to add: My cousin thinks I’m a crazy disney lady (in a loving way), and laughs at us practicing. BUT she wanted to try it. She does not have any tickets in the future and she was able to.


I thought so. If it works for me and my ticket is for March, it should work for everyone ticket or not.