Beware the MDE Goblins

In keeping with the start of the Halloween season, MDE has decided to take in some new goblins (i.e. BUGS).

I was modifying some ADR times for October 12th (10/12). After making those changes I refreshed refreshed my plan and all of those reservations were gone … not a simple replacement with a new time, I mean totally gone.

I noticed the term /en_GB/ in the address bar and then looked the page header to discovered that I had been switched into UK & Ireland mode. So all my reservations changes for 10/12 now had become 12/10 because of the way that UK dates are expressed.

I was able to work with WDW Dine (DRC) and get everything corrected, but beware there are new bugs in MDE to look our for this Halloween season.


I have also randomly been switched to the UK site lately! Luckily for me I haven’t made any reservations then, but thanks for the heads up. Glad to know it’s not just me accidentally switching it on my own :see_no_evil:

I too have been randomly switched to the UK site lately. I’m sorru, although kind of glad it’s not just me b/c nothing like that ever happened when planning my years ago trips and I thought it was my computer.