Between Wishes/HEA and OUAT

On the dates we’ll be at MK, Happily Ever After is at 9:00 and Once Upon a Time is at 9:45. Based on their titles, that’s backwards, but I’ll leave that aside. I was thinking of seeing them on separate nights, and was wondering if the Hub clears out at all after the fireworks but before the castle projection show. On the night we want to see OUAT, will we have any luck trying to slide into the Hub after the fireworks end?

Unrelated other question: when it says SOTMK closes at 10:00, does that just mean recruitment headquarters closes? Or do the portals shut down too?

In February I watched the 9:00 Wishes and then was able to move up much closer th see OUAT. The hub area filled in about 10 minutes before the show?

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Great! Thanks for your experience.