Bestie first and likely only trip

My awesome friend helped me so much with my dyslexic kids my family is hosting her and 3 of 5 kids at wdw the week before Christmas. She will be in dvc studio at Poly and the kids are ages 11,12 and 19. None are crazy Star Wars or Disney people. Trying for 2 good sit-downs and others quick service and we have a kitchen at our place at Beach Club. What are liners top two sitdowns for likely one and dones with these ages?
Should we eat in parks? Also unlikely to want to pay for character meals and come from St. Louis with great Italian food
My kids ages 14 and 16 want Oga’s and space or sci-fi but I wonder if they would like these places
? Maybe 50’s and a place at Disney Springs or a deluxe resort?
definitely overthinking this because I want it to be perfect. Thanks


I think a first timer would enjoy Sci Fi. Space 220 Lounge is really cool for the atmosphere. Both of those are very unique and would be memorable for kids that age.


50s is great for everyone for sure, ScFi also seems like a win.

Geyser Point at WL is one of my fam’s favs maybe check the menu to see if their kids would like that. Bison burger with onion straws and marionberry sauce ftw. A nice boat ride from near Poly.

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thanks I will try for those around 100 days out so fingers crossed !

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ADRs can only be made at 60 days out now.

My kids loved Homecomin’ and the BBQ Roundup!

I was thinking about woodys roundup it looks so cute
thanks everyone!