Best Wishes viewing area

Here this week. Where is the best spot to view Wishes? Thanks!

There are many cool options. On my last trip I watched them one night from behind the castle (behind the carrousel closer to 7DMT). It was fun to have the fireworks explode in front and behind you. I did receive a lecture from the fireworks crew a few nights later when we met them in Trader Sam’s and my future daughter in law asked if she could ask them all her questions. They said that Wishes (and the new show) is designed to be watched from the hub area. The music and each part of the show was created with the castle to be the center of the show.

We always like to stake out some spot with grass. This requires some time of just sitting and waiting but we’re usually about done with our day by that time anyways

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Not to jump in on this topic but what if u need an ecv for someone in your group. Any suggestions?

Our personal favorite is behind the hub grass fence in front of the baby care center, which is right between Casey’s and CP.

We were rocking up to the middle of Main Street just in front of Casey’s about 10 min before the start and getting a spot just behind the tape they put across Main Street there to keep a pathway open. It meant there wasn’t anybody stood in front of us for about 5metres. Great view. If the tape isn’t there yet just guess as it will be in line with the edge of the walkway that goes from CP to Tomorrowland Terrace. Stand on Casey’s side and nobody can stand in front of you.

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Loved your info on chat @Tatty808, I’m hoping to use this info when we go February 2018!! Thanks

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