Best Western Stovalls Inn

Any opinions on Best Western Stovall’s Inn? How close is it to walk to parks?

Um. I stayed there in 1998… :smirk:

It’s considered very much within walking distance, even now and is regularly recommended on DISBoards.

We booked it for this coming (2019/2020) New Year’s… love to hear your experience, Markows, if you go before!

According to Mapquest, Stovall’s Inn is a 1.2 mile walk…you may want to consider a Uber or Lyft which is pretty cheap at $7/ride. We used it when we stayed at the Hyatt Place which was 1 mile south of the park.

We go frequently, but always stay on Harbor which is a much closer walk than from where Stovalls is. I would look at any of the hotels from the Howard Johnson south to the Castle Inn as these are all easily walkable. My personal favorite is Grand Legacy at the Park, but there are many to choose from.

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Wow, I didn’t realize that it was such a far walk! I would agree it’s walkable, but that is a long walk either way since the hotel is on the opposite end of where the pedestrian access is for Disneyland Resort. We, like @Wahoohokie go often and stay on Harbor. By the end of a long day in the parks, we are ready to be back in our room quickly so we don’t have the patience to stay farther away.

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