Best Western Plus Pavillion Review?

As I look toward a spring 2020 Disneyland trip for me, my wife, and then 11 year old daughter (Our first Disneyland trip, went to Disneyworld for the first time this past June), I keep gravitating to this particular hotel for lodging. We are simple people, preferring budget hotels that are less than $100 per night when we travel, although we did “sprlurge” on a great $800 per week condo a 10 minute drive from the southern part of Disneyworld property last summer. I know hotel situation around Disneyland off property does contain some cheaper hotels, but I don’t want to subject my family to uncomfortable or dangerous accommodations, so willing to “splurge” again for the $124 per night (including free parking, resort fee, and two free breakfast vouchers per day at the nearby Denny’s) that I have seen advertised.

Hotels that cost $150+ per night are out of the question for us for any trip, including this one, so please keep that in mind upon your critiques.

I usually stay on site, but this thread may be of help (pay particulat attention to @lolabear_la answers, as I regard her as the “Yoda of Disneyland”):

Hotel Information/Suggestions

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I’ve never stayed there but it looks like it is a great location. Would definitely be an easy walk to and from the Parks.