Best Western lake buena vista

I’ve seen some pretty good deals to stay here in June and there are some but not all of the benefits of staying on site (60 day FP, busses etc). The main reason I’d consider it over Pop Century or another value is I’d have access to gift cards that would equal 2-3 free nights. Any other pros or cons to staying here?

I stayed there in April 2017 and hated it. If my DH had been with us, we would have checked out after 1 day. I had tagged along on a trip so I didn’t do the booking.

The bar/restaurant closes early (like before 10pm or 11pm).

The shuttle schedule was so bad that for 2 park days, we only did the shuttle 1x at park close and I regretted it. Bus stops at every DS hotel on the way (maybe 2-3 stops before BW). For some reason, the driver stopped at Epcot after leaving MK. Got off the bus, picked up NO additional passengers, got back on the bus.

The room itself was clean but old. The water was too cold or too hot. I learned to shower QUICKLY. The AC kept breaking. 4 night stay, we had to call maintenance 2x.

The pool was small. Claimed to be heated but I really really doubt it. I also do not think it was maintained properly. Water was very cloudy.

Hotel staff was not rude but they certainly didn’t go out of their way to make you feel welcome either.

The only positive I can say was that our room was quiet. We were never disturbed with noise in the middle of the night or early morning toilet flushes which is common at Disney hotels.

Thanks for the input, sounds like we should only stay there to save money which in the long run may not really be worth it. That bus situation sounds terrible!

The AC situation upset me the most. We are from MD where it is roughly 60 degrees in April. It was 92 degrees in the park one particular day. I just wanted AC when I got back to the room. Nope!

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