Best week in January, February or March?

With the new mask rules for indoors, we will likely reschedule our planned October trip for future date after the kids will be vaccinated (we are hoping/expecting this fall/early winter for their vaccination).

Any suggestion on the best dates for a WDW between MLK weekend and the first week of March? We will avoid Presidents Day weekend, but other than that, are any of those weeks worse than others for crowds?

Also, for a 5 night visit, what are your thoughts on (A) a Tuesday evening through Sunday trip vs (B) a Friday evening through Wednesday trip. Does it matter?

We went the first week in February (arrived Super Bowl weekend) a few years ago and it was amazing. Low crowds, good weather, would definitely go again that time of year. Sadly, now that we’ve got kids in middle/high school it will be a while before we can go at non-peak times.


We went the last week of January 2018. By this time, the low crowd seekers caught up with this week and it was pretty heavy crowds.
And we went this year the very first week of March. We hit a nice lower spot in the crowds, I was happy with this week. But part of the lower crowds was because of covid.
I’ve been looking at the crowd data and I’d like to try the first week in February next. This would be 2 weeks before President’s Day. So I second that week.

IMO this is the best time of year to go. Nice temps and the dry season. We never had rain on all these park days.

I would probably pick a Tuesday to Sunday.


I liked the first week of February better than the week I went in January (can’t remember which week) because I think fewer things were closed for refurbishment. Weather is nice either month and crowds about the same, it seemed.

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If you are planning to stay in a Disney resort, nights are more expensive Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun. So,f if you choose to arrive Fri evening you may be able to save a little bit on cost.

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I was also going to suggest last week of Jan/first week of Feb. You’re smooshed between (if they come back) RunDisney events so nobody is around for that, and you’re between long weekends for MLK and President’s Day as well as avoiding Valentine’s Day


I am glad for the assurance. That is when we are going. Last week of Jan and First of Feb.

Everyone else needs to go this year so crowds will be back to normal by next year :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that from January to early February, there will be at least one cold snap that there are 2 days in a row where the temperatures will struggle to make 60.

Late February/early March is very unlikely to experience that. So if swimming/water park days is important to you, that is a factor. I did not mind cool 60’s and wind for 1 day in late January since I’m from the north.

But expect 70’s. More days with 80’s as you get closer to March.


I had not thought about this until you mentioned it. With only 4.5 days in the World, we won’t swim during the day or go to a water park, but last trip my kids enjoyed doing a short post dinner swim at the resort before going to bed. That will likely not be feasible in late Jan/early Feb. I need to look into evening weather in late Feb/early March to see if delaying until then will make a difference for an evening swim.

Since most pools are heated, I would say it’s very feasible for late January. My kids had no problem swimming after the parks during that time. You may have one day that would not suit.

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True but many (?most?) pools will close if the temps drops below a set threshold (the specifics of which I am not privy to)

Wow that would be rare?

Nah. Both times I was there in January or February there were pools closed for at least some of the time.

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Ah. Well Dave will have to look into that whatever resort he is staying at.

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I was going to say the same thing. I went in early Feb one year and it was quite chilly and rainy a couple of days. And when it rains that time of year, it is still drenching like in the summer, but cold, so not as fun. But you could also get lucky and have very pleasant temps and conditions. Just bring warm clothing / rain coats / ponchos. Assume you won’t be able to use the pool and then be pleasantly surprised if you can.

(I don’t think late February is completely immune from this either, but most of March is probably safe.)

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