Best WDW hotel for multiple breaks during the day

I’m wondering about a far future trip with a friend who is developing physical issues that he didn’t have during our previous WDW trips. I am thinking of paying a lot more for a hotel that is closer so that he could potentially take breaks during the day, easily. What are some good options? This is all speculation at this point, but I am curious, as I think he will bring it up at some point. He loves WDW and may be worried that he won’t be able to enjoy it anymore. I thought immediately of GF b/c of being able to walk to MK, but I don’t know if that would be too much walk for him, for example. We typically do whatever value resort we can get, so a deluxe would be a big change, but I think a welcome one with what is going on. Thanks for any insight. Quick trip on the monorail or skyliner might be preferable to walking.

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My husband and I are doing a split stay for much of the same reasoning. We are staying at an Epcot area hotel (YC) for easy access to EP and HS and then a MK area hotel (GF) for easy access to MK figuring AK is kinda hard to get to from anywhere (or dependent on busses). Some other good places that are moderate aren’t open yet but may be when you are planning to go.

Another thing to consider is renting a scooter/ECV. We are renting 2 from an outside company but you can rent at the parks as well. I would ask your friend what they think sounds best to them. It’s hard sometimes for people to admit (especially to ourselves ) that we can’t do what we used to and only your friend will be able to decide what they feel comfortable doing. Also, that may change so be aware of that too. I know your friend is fortunate to has you as a friend because you care enough to think about this ahead of time!

If I didn’t want to do a split stay and an ECV wasn’t going to be used, I’d probably do a monorail resort.

Here’s my logic. From most parks, Uber/Lyft can get you door to door relatively quickly. (Except right now I’ve heard they’re hard to get and there’s a lot of waiting, but you said that it was a far future trip. And I don’t think that they transport ECVs, though I’ve never explored it.)

MK is the hardest to get to/from if you’re not doing WDW transportation. If you did a monorail resort, your friend could probably get to/from MK relatively quickly on WDW transport, though.

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I too would consider a split stay- any resort in the MK area when all is open (WL and FW you have boats) and any resort in the EP area . I would add Swan/Dolphin to the Epcot area. My 87 year old dad always stays at the Swan for great rates and ease to parks.

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Once I go and come back on our trip 5/31 - 6/14 I will be happy to share any observations with you and answer any of yours or your friends questions.

I have this vague impression that they’re larger/more spread out than the monorail resorts, though. Is that correct? Might that pose a mobility challenge? I could be totally wrong. I haven’t stayed anywhere around there since I was about 5 years old, so I don’t really know!

FW is spread out but WL is one large main building with Boulder Ridge right next door. It is definitely smaller than any of
The monorail resorts with multiple buildings ( if you count CR/BLT/Garden rooms as one).

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And it has the golf cart option, yes? So taking that option might be less tiring than a spread out resort? But preclude the ECV option?

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Yes, great point. I just don’t think GF or Poly are easier to navigate, especially compared to WL or I guess a golf cart at FW.


We just did a split stay with time at the Boardwalk for HS and Epcot and GF for MK. Our home resort is BLT. The walk from GF to MK is significantly longer than the walk from BLT. We walked to Epcot most times but ended up taking the boat service to HS.

Isn’t HS closer to BWVs than EP?

Oh! Welcome to the forum!

Depends on what part of BWV you are in. We were closer to the lobby/Boardwalk and it was considerably closer to the International EPCOT entrance.

Once we did a split stay between Beach Club and the Contemporary, and I thought that worked out pretty well (we had a toddler at the time and getting back easily for naps was one of our top priorities). The walks from the Contemporary to MK or from BC to Epcot, were pretty easy.

Not right now, but since you’re talking about way in the future, I’d say the Polynesian is a good option because it’s walkable to the TTC so you could get on the Epcot monorail too.

And if walking distances is part of the issue, definitely consider renting an ECV from an outside vendor.

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We went with 3 y/o twins a bit back and stayed at the Poly and it was wonderful. We took a lot of breaks and the monorail made it very easy. However, we went to MK the most b/c that was our favorite park. If you will be at HS or EP more, then maybe a Skyliner resort? Riviera is gorgeous and has a stop right next to it.

I think I am just reiterating what others have said, but I would choose Bay Lake Tower for the 10 minute walk to Magic Kingdom, or Boardwalk for the 5/10 minute walk to Epcot and the Skyliner or walk or boat ride to Hollywood Studios. All this is budget dependent, of course. Another more budget friendly option is Pop Century on the Skyliner.