Best WDW COVID changes list/resource?

I’m planning an early summer trip and I’m trying to wrap my head around all the changes to keep in mind. While I know anything and everything is changing constantly, is there a good site or post that keeps tabs on what is different/not running/things to keep in mind versus a “normal” trip?

As I start planning things, I keep remembering new protocols I’ve read over the past 9 months and want to make sure there isn’t something major I’m forgetting (how hopping works, limited…but also expanded hours, etc.).

Disney Food Blog sends an email update newsletter as soon as something new happens. They’ve been very good about that.

You prompted me to update the Sticky post at the top with updates to procedures and general information. It’s in progress but has the basics in there plus links to useful info on the WDW website and also to other threads on here.

If you have a trip in your Touring Plans dashboard you can opt in to emails about changes to park hours. Although these are generally only happening about 2 weeks out.

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