Best way to use the LINES App

I just downloaded the app and will def need to use it when in the parks as I won;t really be able to make a good TP before my trip. In a nutshell, heading there in 26 days and won;t get my MD, reservation number or tickets until check-in, so can’t do any planning ahead of time. I also will have to work around DD’s cheer practices that we won;t know times of ahead of time, and her competition which won;t be finalized until one week out. SO, I am hoping once I arrive at our resort (May 8th at 7 pm) and have a sense of the schedule for the next 4 days I can plan stuff. How can I use the LINES app to it’s highest potential? Last visit I did a TP online way ahead of time so ended up not using the app while I was there.


You don’t need reservations or tickets to make touring plans, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

What if you just take some guesses at possible practice times and create a couple of possible TPs around those. Say, make one where you start the day early, make one where you start late. You can have a few potential plans for each day ready to go and choose the closest one, then modify it on the fly when you are there if needed.

(I find moving things up and down in the mobile app annoying, so prefer to have most of the heavy lifting done using my desktop browser.)

A simpler alternative would just be to throw a bunch of must-do attractions into a plan or two, optimize, then leave it. Then, on the day-of, whenever you arrive just hit Optimize right there and follow what Lines suggests. Then you could optimize again every ride or three.

Personally, I normally only use Evaluate in park so the app doesn’t move my stuff around, but on “open” days when I have done the latter it has worked very well.

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My concern is just that I won;t be able to schedule any FP until I get that ticket number, and for my last trip it was so nice to plug in my three already scheduled FP reservations and plan around those. I guess it will be refresh refresh refresh :wink:

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Yep, in your situation you’ll have to make do with what FPP you score on the fly. But, good news is Liners have more knowledge than the average bear, so you should do fine.

It’s all about expectations, with a group you just have to remember it is not going to be a super-efficient day, so just enjoy the ride!

We had one day last trip where we wung it at MK and I think my whole family agrees it was one of the best days we’ve had there.

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