Best way to use Genie+

Hi all!!

Going for my first WDW trip in about 10 years. What are some tips you have specifically for using Genie+? (any other general tips would also be appreciated!)

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Try this thread:

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There is a great thread right now on chat about stacking. @Totsypooh is in WDW right now and had 5 Lightning Lanes stacked before entering Hollywood Studios yesterday at 3:45.

They accomplished 7 attractions in 4 hours last night.


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The main thing is knowing when to book the LLs you want and plan accordingly. You will need to:

  1. Know which attractions to prioritize
  2. Be familiar with (or memorize) return times
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Chat moves so fast and is so unorganized I have a difficult time following along. Is there a trick to it? Or an easy way to see and sort conversations?

Nope. It’s just a constant string of chaos.

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:rofl: good to know it’s not just me

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It was a little easier before they changed the format bc you only saw so many threads per page, but once they changed to this new endless scroll… nope.

Thankfully, this is still true if viewing chat on a web browser (like I am, on my laptop). It’s so much easier for me to follow by doing that.