Best way to travel between AoA and MK for 7am EMH through fireworks on last Friday of Spring Break

Hello! Wondering about the best way to travel between Art of Animation and Magic Kingdom to take advantage of 7am Extra Magic Hours and leaving after the first fireworks display this coming Friday - the last Friday of Spring Break! We were at the Dolphin during the first weekend in December and the bus to MK had so many stops that we barely made it through security for the gates to open at MK for 7am EMH. Coming back on the bus we waited around 30mins for a bus but were able to get seats after the fireworks.

I’m worried due to crowd levels and the fact AoA is more family friendly that getting a seat on the bus will be much more difficult this time around. We will have a car so could drive to the TTC. My kiddo has never taken the ferry or monorail so that might be nice too. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

You could drive to the TTC and take the ferry over (I’m pretty sure the monorail doesn’t run that early). Then at the end of the night take the ferry or the monorail back to the TTC and drive back. But I’m not sure if you’d wait longer for the monorail or for the bus! But I also think you can leave your car in the parking lot overnight if needed, so if you wanted to take the bus back and then get back to the TTC the next day you could do that. If you wanted to make sure your kid gets to ride the monorail (in case you decide to do the ferry there and back) you could always do it for a break during the middle of the day.

Anyone know if it’s ok to leave your car overnight at the TTC lot? I’ve heard it’s fine at the Epcot lot…would assume it’s the same for TTC.

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We also have lunch reservations at Chef Mickey’s. I thought about picking up the car at the TTC and parking it at the Contemporary at the time of our reservation then leaving it there so we can picking it up after the fireworks. I do sort of feel bad about parking there so long though…

Just an update - we decided not to get up for 7am EMH because the 2 other adults in our group were too tired (haha!) so we ended up just getting there for our Chef Mickey’s reservation and parking there. Worked out great!