Best way to skip need for locker?

We are trying to avoid needing lockers as much as possible. What items should we be sure to carry with us that would be allowed on rides if we have zippered pockets?

Whatever you need and will fit in your zippered pockets.

Note: Hulk and RRR allow zero loose items. Metal detectors are used. No keys, phone, coins, etc.


I’m a big fan of the refillable Coke Freestyle mugs. I use a “D” Ring Carabiner to clip it to my cargo shorts so I don’t have to carry it all day.

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They even made me take my watch off and put it in a locker. Which seemed excessive.

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That is pretty crazy. They let me wear my Apple Watch on last time.

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I never had issues with watches but have seen some resistance to sunglasses without a strap.