Best way to send TM compliments?

On our last trip to Universal when someone did extra good, DH and I messaged each other the TM’s name and a note to remind us. Then when we got back, I sent a longish letter to Universal about our trip.

For our upcoming trip I am starting to wonder if smaller notes with one employee/location in a note might be better. Is there a preferred method from the TM’s perspective? i.e. most likely to benefit them. By method I mean, sending an email on the website, or facebook-somehow, or something else. They seemed pleased when they learned what we were doing. (After being concerned about why one of us was documenting the correct spelling of their name)

If the long note is best, I’m fine with that

I don’t know the answer but following so I can find out. 4 more weeks until our UOR trip!

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We are in countdown mode too. Leaving April 24th.
I find the liner app to be nicer as a countdown app than my old countdown app (which now pops up a loud and annoying ad). It has the “days until” on it. I am dieting right now and in my head I’m also doing an estimated weight I will be when we go on the trip. During which I’ll throw the diet out the window for a couple of weeks and pretty much eat flour and sugar.


Best way to do it is tweeting at the UOR Twitter account a TM #fistbump of their name and location and what they did. Easy and quick.

Second best is going to guest relations.


Pretend I’m an old fuddy-duddy, who has only had twitter for two one-week time periods and read it two or three times but never tweeted. How does that work precisely? Does everything just go in the same message?


#Josephmatt did an awesome job explaining UOR compliments to this old lady.”

What is the purpose of the #? I have a vague idea from news articles reporting on tweets.

Take a look at this:

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It’s #UOFistBump (at least in Orlando)

It’s such a “clunky” name compared to CastCompliments

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Y’ll are so helpful!

Thinking about it, I might stop off on the first day and get a stack of TM compliment cards. I like the idea of something physical. Like getting a letter instead of an email, it somehow means more (says the person who doesn’t know if she owns stamps) I’d considered the twitter idea, but then I’d have to reinstall that cesspool of an app.


Updating with results.

I tried to get a stack of TM comment cards at Guest Services. They didn’t have any. I’d have to wait in line and they would document it. So, that didn’t happen.