Best way to "sell" our stay?

As much as it pains me to give it up after all of our planning, with two under 12 children, we’re not going to go for the 50th. Since it’s after our banking point, I think the only way to recoup anything is to sell our reservation. Does anyone have any pointers for the best way to do so?

You can post here the details, and ask for PMs. You can also try some of the facebooks pages? You can also link your forum post (for PMs) on chat. There have been a couple of posts. Len said liners can post here.

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I am sorry you have to cancel.

I use David’s to rent out my points as needed - I prefer their process.

I assume @keithlovesbeerandwaf you need to rent a confirmed reservation (lack of availability to rebook?)

@PrincipalTinker yes, the points have December use year, so we have to use them before the end of November. I’ll create a separate post about it, thanks!

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