Best Way to Score FP

Our last WDW vacation we spent all 3 days at MK since my daughter was 4 and everything was princesses! Now we’re going for 4 park days and it’s got to vary a bit for my 2 children.

Day 1 Epcot NEED FROZEN!
Day 2 MK (but leave early since kids are too young for MVMCP
Day 3 AK
Day 4 MK

So, Obviously I got for Frozen first, then probably my MK FPs and then AK is what I am thinking. Since I need a bunch is there a way that I could have my husband sit next to me and use his laptop to try and score a few at the same time or is that just a giant snafu waiting to happen?

Do you want FLight of passage? If so that needs to be first priority. Yes you can divide and conquer

You may not find FoP (if that is of interest) until day 4 of trip. 60+4 is commonly reported.

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We’re going to skip FoP and just do Na’vi River at Rope Drop. I think my littles will prefer the boat ride.
Thinking EP - Frozen, Mission Space, Spaceship Earth
AK - Everest, River of Lights, Outpost
MK - 7DMT (although TP has us doing that after PPF at EMMhours,) Space Mtn, Buzz
MK2 - BTMR, JC, Princess Fairytale Hall

So I feel like bouncing back and forth days, that Frozen and then 7DMT are the biggest ones? We were so lucky last time we went beginning of Feb and barely needed our FPP

So we can have two laptops in on same account? That would be so great since we have a wedding to travel to that morning as well and it would be good to not be crying over FPP that morning haha

Pandora is crazy at RD. I would get NAVI FP for later morning or afternoon and RD the rest of the park. You will be zigging while everyone else is zagging :blush:


Good to know. Maybe we’ll hit Everest before jumping on the Safari. We want to see PD but it isn’t a huge priority since the kids are clueless to it. They’ll appreciate it but they wont go nuts for it.

So tomorrow is the day for picking FP and I actually couldn’t sleep last night, I woke up from a dream about screwing it up. Now I read about only getting passes for one person and then going back and filling in with others. Mind is boggled with so much info. Was so much easier even just a couple of years ago. Still reading how my husband and I could each sit at our laptops and just work on our own lists for our party of 4 (he takes MK while I take Epcot and AK) but I’m afraid using the same account online with MDE would screw something up on a refresh or something…

Aw, Don’t fret too much - it can sound like a big deal, but aside from the few big ticket items most things will be easy to get.

The divide and conquer technique on two devices is a great idea - and will not cause any issues.
I just would not both work on the same day or it might get confusing with overlapping times.

One thing I would suggest (even if you are using a single device) is to log out of Disney site about 1/2 hour before, clear your browser cache, restart the browser and then log back in about 10 or 15 minutes before.

It can be a wonky site sometimes and that technique Might help, Can’t hurt.

What I do is create a simple table in a spreadsheet where I can keep track of what I got so I don’t overlap things. There’s a screen capture of my table below… In the table I also include the park hours (made the EMH times red), plus my current Dining Reservations so I don’t try to get a FPP to close to one.

As I get them, I type in the name and time so I know to look for the next one at least an hour later.

I also made a little checklist for the hard ones I wanted to get first - I did those in reverse order from hardest to get hoping to insure I had a better chance for those. Then I just went back and did the rest in chronological order - no issues with anything.

My hard to gets were:
FoP on Monday
7DMT on Wednesday
PP on Friday
Soarin on Thursday

Then I went back to Monday and did the rest in order.

I did NOT get FoP even though it was 7AM at 60 days, but I did get NRJ. It took my about 4 or 5 weeks of browser refreshing to see a set of FoP and I modified NRJ to get them.

Everything else was a piece of cake. Worst case scenario: things open up all the time with most FPP, all the way up to the date you are going. We made a few ADR and plan changes over the course of time, and I had no trouble modifying anything to a different time, (except for FoP of course.)

BTW, On the day in park, remember that as you use your FPP, you can go right into MDE as soon as you pass the tapstile and try to modify your next one to a better/closer time if it might help you or after your 3rd one is done, look for a 4th FPP.

Good luck!


I made a spreadsheet like that, only it wasn’t quite so pretty. But, it was organized by priority, had the preferred time and days, and sometimes a “skip if you got this other one already” condition. On my FPP morning, I systematically worked my way down the list without having to think about any of it.

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I have to thank you for this tip! When I was booking my FP+ this week, I was able to go straight to FoP at 60+4 and snagged a FP+ for approximately the time I was looking for

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Yay! Have fun!!

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This may be overkill, but here’s an extra step I took in my planning:

The morning of my FP day (I live in Europe, so I had time that morning), I crossed checked my FP+ “wish list” with the latest view of FP+ availability here: Availability is dynamic so the data isn’t perfect, but it helped point me in the right direction.

For instance, I wanted to do FEA on our arrival day and planned to do FEA around 4pm, soon after we entered via IG. On the site I could see that FPs were already only available for the evening, so I was able to tweak my plan (and my subsequent FPs) accordingly, BEFORE my FP+ window opened. I switched my target FP to one around 7-8pm and it saved me the panic of looking for an earlier one that wasn’t likely to be available and worrying that my TP would be all messed if I had to make big changes on the fly.

THANK YOU! I thought I had looked everywhere on this site, but apparently I missed this resource! It hopefully will help me on FEA as well!

THANK YOU!! Huge help!! I was just so afraid of having same account on two laptops overlapping in the weird internet world and it screwing things up but good to know it works! I didn’t make a spreadsheet but I’ve got papers all over the place for tomorrow am :slight_smile:

I missed this resource as well! Thanks so much

@JJ this spreadsheet is fantastic, thanks so much for sharing it along with your other tips! Our window opens in two weeks and I’m starting to get nervous so all these extra handy pieces of advice for a first timer are very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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So, it’s done and only a couple were at different times we wanted. FEA (no surprise could only get evening, but Belles Enchanted Tales was tough, who would have thought? )
TP does not like that we got a FPP for Buzz but whatever.

BIG THING THOUGH for anyone else who decides to try it. Divide and conquer does not work. While I could be on the account and see my husband adding the FPPs I could not add any, it would just say error, so I quickly started playing co-pilot for him. Ah well, was worth a try and thankfully worked out still.

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I just want to be able to find that FPP page for our trip!!! Is it something that is easy to see on the app?

Next time, both you and your husband need to have MDE accounts. You log in as you, and he logs in his account. Decide what days each of you are going to book. Two MDE’s that share same friends/family.

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