Best way to get to port

On our first cruise I used Happy Limo from AKL, no complaints at all. This cruise we are using Disney transportation from MCO. My goal is to get to the port as soon as possible. What has your experience been using Disney transport from MCO?

I’ve done the DCL Transfer twice now and I like it. You don’t have a choice on when you leave, the night before your cruise you will receive a letter in your room (if you’re staying on property) telling you what time the bus will pick you up. Last year it was about 11am and this year it was 11:35am. I love how I can kick back and not worry about a thing :slight_smile:

thanks for the feed back @EthicalAddict we will actually will be taking the bus from the airport. I’ve read that transport from resorts is later. This trip we are staying at a property near sea world as we are going to discovery cove. Only going to MNSSHP for a little bit of Disney magic before our cruise. My plan is to drive to MCO and arrive by 8am and stalk the first bus out of MCO. We are so excited about our second Disney cruise!! :grinning:

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So the bus you’re going to stalk(hee hee) is that a Disney Cruise Line Bus? Are you going to pre-book that transfer from the airport?

Hahaha!! yes, it is a DCL bus. I’ve prebooked my transport with them, so hopefully it is a seamless process dropping off the rental car and getting to where ever i need to be to get on the bus. I figured we could sleep on the way to the port.
How many disney cruises have you been on @EthicalAddict? My new love is cruising, I didn’t think i’d like it this much, and wish we lived closer to a port to go more often.

That’s awesome!!! I’ve never thought of doing that (stalk DCL transfer at the airport) I am so curious how it goes - please update us after :smiley:

We’ve been on two DC’s - Feb 2014 was a 7 night Eastern Caribbean (Fantasy) and Jan 2015 was a 4 night Bahamian (Dream) - I am obsessed with Disney Cruises!!! I can’t wait to go back! ha! We live in Vancouver BC so I think we’re going to try to do the 11 night Hawaiian (if they offer it again) for our next cruise. We just bought DVC so our spare cash went to that - but as soon as we filled back up our vacation savings account we’re booking another DC!!

Ha! I’m not enthusiastic at all :wink: :smiley:

I LOVE Disney cruises too!!! :heart_eyes: I plan fake cruises all the time!!! I would love to book an Alaskan cruise, but my vacation fund is a little low. Our first Nov 2014 eastern carribean on the Fantasy and we are doing a western on the Fantasy on Oct 31.

I will certainly update you when we get back. I was planning on doing some sort of trip report here because it seems a lot easier than on chat function.

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I very curious how this works - airport to port transfers. Looking at an airport transfer (either spending night at the Miami or Orlando airport hotels).

So the resort to port - you are assigned a pick up time. But the airport to port you just arrange the transfer and you give them a time/show up and get on a bus?

We took DCL bus from airport last year and just showed up at the airport and got on. I don’t think we even precooked the time. I planned an hour before check in at port opened and we were one of the first people there. Kind of a long wait to board (we had pre-booked our boarding slot). but it was relaxing and we didn’t have to line up to check in. Kids played, we met mickey. Highly recommend.