Best way to get to MNSSHP from AK

We’re going to MNSSHP on Tues 10/6 but will be at AK during the day since AK closes at 6. What’s the fastest way to get to MK from AK? Estimated travel time? MNSSHP starts at 7 but we want to be at MK before that.

If you are going straight to Magic Kingdom from AK, there are park to park busses. Not sure of the travel time. I would plan on an hour to get out of the AK and ride and get into MK. It may not take that long but if you stay until AK closes, you will be leaving with all the other guests.

Fastest will be, cab to Contemporary, then walk.
Also, remember that MNSSHP tickets start working at 4pm.

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I agree with @stuckinbmode. Cab (or bus if you want to rely on Disney Transportation) to Contemporary and walk to MK.