Best way to get to MK and HS at RD

Hi! We have an upcoming trip (Oct 15-19) and staying at CSR. We’ll have a car and for the first and last day we’re there we’ll need to drive to the parks because of airport logistics. Friday (Oct 16) we’re going to MK and Sunday (Oct 18) we’re going to HS. We could either take the bus or take the car, but at this point I’m open to any other suggestions! I’m reading stories of buses running slow or cars being held back the parking booths. We really want to make it on time to make a BG for RoR! We have yet to ride it. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

We were there last week and we went to HS on Wed and Fri. Both days we arrived at the parking kiosks about 9:20. On Wed we were about 15 cars back in line. On Friday we were about 40 cars back.

Both days we parked and went right through the temp screening, security, and tapstyles without waiting.

Wednesday they were running MMRR and we basically walked through the line and onto the ride with no waiting. Then we rode SDD with about a 15 min wait, and ASS with no wait at all. We exited that ride, and stationed ourselves near the TSMM line while we get the BG for RotR. We snagged BG 21.

Friday we attempted the same thing, but MMRR was not running yet. We waited in line for about 15 min before we bailed and went to SDD. We waited there about 25 min before riding, and I was getting super nervous about making the BG window, but we got off SDD in time. We walked over to TSMM and got in line, walked partway through the line (to the outside drinking fountains) before pulling over and attempting BG. We scored BG 27 that day.

Friday was a mess at HS. Crowds were crazy and HS was having a lot of tech issues. Mobile order was down all day, and they were unable to process gift cards until about 3pm. There were several points at which I wanted to bail on the park. About 3:30 the crowds started to thin a little though.

Thanks! This is very helpful! We’re hoping we can get there on time for BG reservations and it sounds like based on your description that driving there is not a major issue.