Best Way to Get to Magic Kingdom?

We’re 2 adults coming to the MK from off property. We thought we’d take a lyft to the Contemporary and then walk to MK, or take a lyft to the Grand Floridian and take the monorail. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Lyft to Contemporary for sure. Might want to have breakfast there first! Or at least tell the guard you are doing so.

Go to the Contemporary. It’s a very easy & quick walk. The gate guard will often ask, “guests or dining?” Just say dining. If you feel guilty about potentially fibbing, grab a breakfast sandwich at the Contempo Cafe before walking to MK. They’re pretty good :wink:

I used to rent a car each trip to be able to come & go with ease. Now that WDW charges on-site guests for parking I just Uber everywhere. I’m not a fan of waiting on the shuttles.

I am excited about the Disney Skyliner gondolas and will definitely see if they help speed up park hopping.