Best way to get to Fantasyland at Rope Drop

We plan to arrive at the Magic Kingdom at Rope Drop and head over to Fantasyland. Would you walk straight there or take the train? I don’t want to waste valuable time waiting / riding the train, but also don’t want to get stressed fighting crowds all heading the same direction. What would you do?

Walk straight there - you will probably have to wait for the first train, and it first goes to Frontierland.

I took would walk. Are you starting at Barnstormer?

No, we are doing Under the Sea then Peter Pan then FP for Seven Dwarfs.

Then walk- no doubt!

definitely walk. but I would do Peter Pan before Under the Sea. It has longer lines.


I second this suggestion!

Thanks for the tip!

I agree. We went during a slower time in February and hit Peter Pan first thing at rope drop and still waited 20 minutes.