Best way to get to Beaches and Cream?

I was thinking Beaches and Cream might be a fun place to eat for DS and I. If we’re go there for dinner, after MK, what is the best way to get there? Best way to get back to our room at the Contemporary after dinner?
Thoughts on Beaches and Cream?

If going direct from MK just get the BC bus (or BW).

Going back I think Uber is your only real option, assuming MK is shut.

Beaches & Cream used to be a fun 50s style American diner, with a real jukebox, booths, great cast costumes and decor. Not to mention the fun when anyone ordered a kitchen sink! Sadly I’ve eat that much of that has been lost in the expansion. I hope not, but it made me sad. For us it was as much the ambience that made it a favourite.

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Agree about getting there. However, as an alternative to get back to your hotel, if you have park hopper tickets, you can walk through Epcot from the IG to the main gate and then take the bus back to CR (or monorail if it is running at he time of your trip).

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Negative Nellie here, but that’s a lot of back and forth traveling. Any chance u have a day at Epcot planned? U could walk there from Epcot

You’re right. However with park hours as they are, unless they change dramatically, if their ADR is after MK closes then Epcot won’t still be open.

I don’t expect the Epcot monorail to be running before the refurbs are fully done at the Poly. So probably Fall. But that’s just my guess, no actual info.

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I have to agree with this. I would not go so far out of my way for Beaches & Cream. There are so many better options along the monorail.

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Good to know! Thanks so much for your feedback. We don’t have a day at Epcot planned, as we are only there for the weekend. HS and AK is on the agenda (and a half day upon arrival at MK). Any recommendations where we should go for dinner after MK closes??

Whispering Canyon Cafe or Grand Floridian Cafe would be my two top choices, possibly Kona Cafe but I have not really kept up with Poly construction. You could possibly get stuck at WCC if the boat stops running before you are done though. But you could easily Lyft back to the Contemporary.

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We were huge fans of Geyser Point on the water at Wilderness Lodge. Not sure you can make a reservation there though. Think its quick service dining, but great place to relax and have a burger and a beer.