Best way to get personalized FP+ suggestions

I’m trying to figure out which rides to FP+ (i’m still more than 180 days out). I’m looking at personalized TP’s and they recommend strongly that I should get some FP’s, but I don’t know how that would affect the plan and ADR’s and shows and other aspects of it without individually trying a bunch of combinations. Is there any way for a personalized TP to tell me, “Hey try to get this FP+, then this one, then this one. Or this if you can’t get those.”

So take a copy of your plan and label it “master”.

Now you can play around with the plan, adding in the suggested FPs for times that correspond to the times in your plan.

Change the “advanced” options to force Optimiser to use your FPs.

Now re-Optimise and see what it does to the wait times.

Yeah. I was hoping it would just tell me somehow. :frowning: In particular, I kind of suspect that the optimal TP would involve getting FP’s for the attractions in a different order (and hence at different times) than they are currently listed, but I don’t want to try ten different combinations.

I would suggest trying to get FPs for the rides the TP shows are likely to have the longest waits, which should correlate to the suggestions given (assuming you have set up the TP to use one tier 1 and two tier2 FPs - be careful, these are counter-intuitive on TP imo).

Then when you get those FPs, whatever they are, then plug those into your plan and re-Optimise / Evaluate as you prefer to get a final version.

This post has great instructions!

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Your suspicion is correct - getting just one FPP affects the overall order of the rest of the attractions, so that the times you chose for your other 2 FPPs might not be the best. This is why I came up with an iterative method to try and get the most out of my FPP reservations, which is in the link in the above post.

BTW, that post is awesome.

Do you have a thought on the relative merits of getting earlier fastpasses so you can rebook afternoon ones sooner vs. getting midday fastpasses when the savings will be greater?

I prefer having FPPs that give me the greatest benefit over using them early with the hopes of getting additional useful FPPs afterwards. Bird in the hand…

That being said, this all depends on your overall plan for the day. The additional FPP strategy works really well for people who do not have a definite plan for the day and are willing to wing it - usually this works best for repeat visitors.

That makes a lot of sense. As a repeat DL visitor, I’m used to winging it for my FP’s and making it up as I go, but as a first timer to WDW, I’ll plan for the 3-a-day and the rest will just be gravy.