Best way to get from Pop Century to POR

Staying at Pop Century on our first night then staying at POR for the next 7 days. What’s the best way to get from POP to POR without a car?

Taxi, otherwise you will need to travel to a park then the POR. But if bus services will be moving all of your bags, this should not be a problem, head to the parks then return to POR.


I will attest that the bus route is a complete PITA. Pay for a cab/van since you’ll have all your luggage.

I had to do this last year quite on accident when my flight got cancelled. I had to move from YC to POFQ with most of my luggage (the rest went ahead of me on different flights and made it to my home airport well before I did).

Switching from the YC bus to the POR bus (I went to DTD, not a park) was cheaper for sure, but took forever IMO.

Agree with @Jedilogray - have Bell Services move your luggage from PC to POR and go enjoy a park for the day.


Agree with the others. Have bell services take care of the luggage move, leave for a park from POP and “go home” to POR. If that is not an option, then I think a cab is the way to go; I don’t even want to think about loading luggage onto a crowded bus at POP, unloading and reloading at either DTD or a park, and then unloading again at POR…

Although I drive to WDW, I rarely use the car once I’m there. The one exception is if I am going from resort to resort. After taking almost 90 min from the time I entered the BW bus stop until I got off the bus at the Poly, I said “never again”. CR/Poly/GF is easy because of the mono. BC/YC/BW are easy because you can walk; same for POP/AoA. Even PO/SS and CR/WL aren’t bad because of the boat connecting them. But for any of the others, it’s car or cab for me.

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I won’t have any luggage with me. My husband will have our car as he is going fishing that morning with friends in town. I’m just going to leave the luggage in the car. Has anyone taken the bus to downtown Disney and then the boat up to POR?

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I haven’t yet (it’s in my plans for my next trip), but many Liners say that it’s great.

I did that from AKL. It took quite awhile, especially since there’s a large distance between where the buses drop you off and the boat picks you up. It was about an hour I think

So go off to a park enjoy yourself then go to POR when you are ready to get there. I have done the boat from POFQ to DTD once, it’s nice, but there is a walk from the buses to the boats in DTD. If you want to go shopping at DTD then take the boat that is good.

But if you want the fastest way taxi.