Best way to get from DS to MK mid-day

Looking to have lunch and spend a couple of hours at DS, then go to MK in time for FOF parade and stay until close on an evening EMH day in mid April. Trying to figure out the best way to get from DS to MK (no rental car, staying onsite). Can anyone weigh in on which would be the fastest/easiest among the options I’ve come up with below and what time I should plan on leaving DS to make it to MK in time for FOF, or let me know if there are any other options I haven’t thought of:

  1. Bus from DS to CR, walk or monorail to MK
  2. Walk to SS, Bus from SS to MK
  3. Hop on first available Bus from DS to any resort and get off 1st stop, then bus to MK
  4. Uber/Lyft/Minnie Van to TTC, Monorail to MK (willing to spend the $ if it’s considerably faster than every other option, but would prefer a free option if there isn’t much difference, and will have an ECV to deal with).


Bus to CR and walk was my immediate thought.

I believe the bus stop at DS for CR and other monorail resorts are right next to each other. If I just missed the CR bus I would hope onto the next monorail resort bus. The fastest way us Uber to CR.

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My first thought was bus to CR and walk to MK. But bus to Poly or GF and mono to MK would also work.

We stayed at Saratoga once. Their buses glacially slow and iffy compared to monorail hotel’s buses. Bus to Contemp or Poly or GF, then monorail.

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