Best way to get Fantasmic Dining Package

I have a reservation for Hollywood and Vine for my upcoming trip in November (week before Thanksgiving), as my wife wanted to go to Minnie’s Holiday Dinner. I just learned that we could have done this with a dining package for virtually the same price and gotten choice seats for Fantasmic. Is there any good way to switch the reservation to be able to do make it be a Fantasmic dining package as it is showing no dining packages available.


I’m not aware of a way to do this online but if you call Disney they might be able to do that.

Be aware that the latest time you can book a dining package is something like 2.5 or 3 hours before the show. I think we got a dinner reservation for 5:15pm for an 8pm Fantasmic showing.

You will need to rebook, you can’t convert from a normal ADR to a dining package, as they restrict the numbers. Phone and ask if they can see any availability.

On the Disney website, you can either use the search box and type “Fantasmic Dining Package” (vs. Hollywood & Vine, for example) and it will come up that way. Or you can get to it by filtering the restaurants menu by park. We booked the Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic package for breakfast that way.

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Try using the reservation finders too. I was able to get one on less than 60 days for the week before Christmas last year.

Unfortunately, nothing is coming up for the afternoon on the day we are at HS. Are you able to do a reservation finder for the Dining packages? I know you can easily find reservations for restaurants in general, but did not see where you could books the dining packages with those.

I don’t know about the TP res finder but Mouse Dining has a search just for Fantasmic Dining Package (so it won’t be specific to H&V). Also, check the Nov ADR cancellation thread on Disboards.

If they have seating still available at all for Fantasmic! Package then the reason you can’t find what you want is that there is no availability at the restaurant. You can put H&V in the res. finder for the time you want, and if they find a time you can reserve through the dining package page, as long as there are packages available.

ETA- I know someone has already said it, but you want to make sure it is in the time frame they allow.

Thanks for the Tip! I put in a reservation finder for Hollywood and Vine last week. Got a hit on a 3:40 reservation just a minute ago, and went to the Fantasmic Dining page instead of the direct link from the Reservation finder. It was able to pull up the Hollywood and Vine time that I got alerted on as a Fantasmic Dining Package. I figure since the price is the same, might as well make that reservation.

My wife is very happy right now.