Best way to fit in Safari before After Hours event?

Will be at Epcot on a regular non-hopper ticket and then AK for After Hours on the same day. Since we can get into AK at 7pm for an hour of normal park time before the event, we want to squeeze in KS since it wont be open during the event but should still be open until normal park closing as it will be in spring. Since FP are allowed with after hours tickets if scheduled before normal closing time, a KS FP would be ideal, but having it would depend on either relying on same day FP at Epcot, same day FP for KS, prebooking both parks FP by linking tickets to 2 different MDE (would this work? Normal tickets & resort on one and after hours tix on another), or settling for standby on KS (what’s the wait usually like in the last hour before park closing?) What’s the simplest way to get on KS with low wait in this scenario? Thanks! A CM basically confirmed that FP rules in this case would be the same as multiple parks with hopper, so I assume that’s the case.

Yes make dummy accounts and put your AH tickets on them. This will allow you to book AK FP. You will need to use your ticket media to get in when you arrive at AK.

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Hey Paul,
Are you doing this on January 22nd?

We have a similar plan for the May 16 DAH event. We plan to arrive at 7:00 pm and go straight to KS. I’m hoping to obtain a same-day FPP after we are done at MK earlier in the day…but if not, we’ll just have to wait once we get there. Since the park closes at 8:30, that should be enough time. I’m not sure at what point they close down the line to KS prior to park closing.

Are you willing to have secondary MDE accounts for DAH so they get 30 day FPs?

I already purchased the DAH tickets, and they are assigned in my primary MDE account…so that ship has already sailed.

I think you can reasign tickets (the account that owns each ticket can)?

Hmm. I’m not sure how that works. Seems like a lot of hassle.

Here is how I have things set up right now:

  1. I have my MDE account, plus I have created (manage plans for) “guests” for my wife, DS18, DD16, and DS10.
  2. My DS21 has his own MDE account, and then manages plans for HIS wife (my DDIL). (We have granted each other permission to manage each other’s plans for the sake of FPP.)
  3. I purchased the DAH tickets and immediately assigned them to each of us, including my DS21 and DDIL. (I was forced to assign them when I bought them.)

I do notice that in MDE, it won’t allow me to re-assign the DAH tickets I originally assigned to my DS21 and DDIL, but I am given an option to re-assign DAH tickets for everyone else.

MDE sees you as the owner of the tickets assigned to all the profiles you manage, and only get to reasign tickets you own. You can create profiles for your family to use only during DAH. (With names like “First name Akah last name”). You would have stop by guest services at some point to grab a ticket media for this, because the normal magic bands/tickets wouldn’t work, as, on MDE, they would belong to other people.

I don’t really know if that would be worth it, I just like to think about the fact that it is theoretically possible.

Yeah. I think if there was more we wanted to do in AK other than what we can do at the DAH event, it could be worth it. But, other than KS and perhaps FOTLK or Nemo, there isn’t much else we care about at AK. The things we do care about are part of the DAH event.

I’m pretty sure that we wouldn’t be able to do FOTLK nor Nemo. I think the last show is before 7:00. So, this means that we just have to get in KS between 7:00 and 8:30. What else is there to do that we’d want to fit in?

I don’t think the safari line will be very long close to park close. I would just hope for a same day or do standby.

Hmmm. In the same boat, as I also immediately linked the AK DAH tickets to my primary, and only, MDE upon purchase. I wouldn’t have had to yet, as I got them through UT, but was too excited not to. If at this point I wanted to use a dummy account, would Disney let me me unlink UT tickets so that I could link to another MDE? If so, the DAH tickets would then not be controlled by our MagicBands, so would we get sent hard RFID tickets upon linking to the other MDE (UT tickets were etickets) or would we have to show the eticket info to Guest Services at AK to get cards to scan into FP queue?

In the end, the hassle may only save 10-15 minutes or so if standby isn’t bad right before closing. And with KS the only thing we care about that’s not part of DAH, getting in AK at 7pm should be plenty of time either way. Also, the thread about FP drops indicates separate drops for Tier 2 AK vs FOP & NRJ. Has anyone tried for and had much success finding same-day KS FP by early afternoon or so?

This will be late March, during DD11 and DD14 Spring Break week.

If I were to create “dummy” profiles within the same MDE as our real profiles and have the etickets for DAH linked to the dummies, would I get some puzzled/skeptical looks at Guest Services when I stop to get hard tickets to scan into park and FP queue (if I don’t want to purchase separate MagicBands for the dummies)?