Best way to do a split day plan for same park?

Should I just make two plans, a morning and evening or is there a better way?

You can put a 3-4 hour break into your plan.

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Okay, thanks. Hopefully, when I optimize, it won’t put that rest at the beginning of the day. :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t but I am tagging @brklinck because he is the expert !

You should be able to set the time frame for the break and whether you’re leaving the park or not.

Rest breaks have a set time and duration, so the Optimizer does not move them.

Great. I remember several years ago getting my rest at RD, which I thought was weird. Maybe that had been a glitch or I had set it up incorrectly.

Thanks for confirming.

I started out using a break but having to give it an exact number of minutes kept throwing off my plan as our last pre-break activity time kept changing. So I ended up inserting a restaurant at 5 pm with a note that this was our return time to the park.

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