Best way to carry tickets?

I was all set to get lanyards to carry out tickets, but then starting hearing stories of people losing their tickets because the plastic part broke off or something. Ack!

How does everyone else carry their tickets when you don’t have magic bands?


Last time, we kept ours on a lanyard, and kept the lanyard in a pocket. We pulled it out to scan into the parks, and for FastPasses, and then right back in the pocket. It was larger than just the card, and harder to lose, but safe in the pocket.

But this time, we’re getting MagicBands.

Before MagicBands I just carried them in a pocket or wallet. On one trip I always kept it in the same pocket as my cell phone, and the phone kept erasing the ticket card. I didn’t put it together until the end of the trip when a CM asked me where I kept it!

I just used to keep mine in a small zip up pocket at the front of my bag.

Before MB’s we always used a lanyard with no issue. Of course we had our tickets and then the paper fp tickets as well to keep track of.

Honestly with the release of magic bands if I weren’t staying on property, I’d still buy one. They are cheap, everyone thinks they are fun to wear, and it makes things so much easier than trying to keep up with cards and who’s is which, and who has what fp and did they scan the right card…


Wallet. But I agree with @Outer1; MBs are SO much more convenient…

I am going to disney first time w/my 3 kids (15, 12 & 8). I already have my ticket (credit card) set up on my disney experience & FP set up for 4 days. Is it too late to order magic bands since these tix are set up or will we be ok using a clear lanyard? We all have the same FP. Can the tix scan through the clear plastic or do u have to take out of pouch each time? I would prefer not spening more money! Thanks for any help

If you’re staying onsite the magic bands are included. If you’re staying offsite you can buy magic bands in any of the parks or online. You then just link one to each person on the MDX account.

If you have enough time before your trip to have the mb’s delivered to your house, and you’d like to get the mb’s, order them, and link them to your tickets. You can do it on the mde site, no big deal. You just get a little number off the mb, enter it into the site, and it’s linked.

If you do not have enough time to get them delivered for your trip, you can buy the mb’s at a BUNCH of places when you are there, and then link them. Linking them only takes a second.

You don’t really need mb’s, but they are convenient, especially for kids.

We went in 2014, and the adults had the credit card style tickets, and we had bought MagicBands for the kids as one of their souvenirs. We kept the cards in plastic lanyards (from our local Six Flags), and we kept the lanyards in our pockets, because we were also worried about losing the tickets. When we had to scan them, we would pull them out, and then right back in the pocket. No problem scanning through clear, soft plastic. Linking the MagicBands would have been very easy, except that the Cast Member at the Disney outlet store in Orlando where we bought them tried to “help” link the bands to my MDE account, and could not understand the very simple instructions.

When we went back in 2016, we all got MagicBands, which were much more convenient, and felt very secure on my wrist. But, they’re not free (unless you are an onsite hotel guest, in which case you’ll get them a few weeks prior to your planned trip date).