Best Water Park for large group

Love Blizzard Beach and River Country both. Never been to Typhoon Lagoon. Since River Country apparently isn’t going to open back up which of the 2 parks would be best for our larger group of 12. We would probably want to hoard 4 or 5 lounge chairs as a home base, 3 of us (Mom and 2 daughters) would hang at the chairs with drinks maybe watching younger kids play in kids area while thrillsters would experience the park with 3 Dad’s. All kids are excellent swimmers.

Here is a link with photos of the River Country opened in 1976 and after it was abandoned in 2001. I think it has just been demolished to make way for “Reflections” I would have loved to explore it.

Two youngest grandkids went down those slides. It was a surprising drop to the water.

Our take on Blizzard Beach vs Typhoon Lagoon is: BB slides are generally taller which might mean more fun but also means more steps. I was mortified to have rubber knees on most stairs until I heard some teen boys behind us commenting on their rubber knees.
TL has generally shorter slides which we appreciate - we repeat slides more at TL.

The main selling point for TL for us over the years has been shade. We feel like there’s more of it at TL. And then there’s that wave pool . . .

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