Best Walking Shoes?

Best walking shoes? I’ve used Sketchers on last WDW trip, but that was 3 years ago. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My wife has had foot problems for a while, but has been incredibly impressed with her Sketchers, both in sandals and sneakers. She really doesn’t like anything else.

I’m a fan of Abeo and Brooks, but I need a lot of arch support.

Whichever shoe you choose to wear, make sure you break them in by wearing them on a regular basis for about a month ahead of your trip. This way, you avoid blisters or feet problems that may occur otherwise.

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I also need good arch support and I love my Vionic sandals!

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I love my vionics and I use powerstep insoles in my Hoka’s due to plantar faciitis. Both lifesavers on the feet.

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Sketchers for me and family

It’s also a good idea to bring 2 pairs of good walking shoes so that you can switch off if one pair gets wet or just to have a fresh pair to wear.

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We are going for our first trip in September and purchased Keen sandals for the trip. They seem to be very supportive and dry super quickly. Hopefully they will recover quickly from water rides.

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I also suggest two pairs of decently broken in walking shoes, AND a pair of quick dry sandals - esp for pool time. I switch walking shoes daily, to relieve pressure points each day. Love the Dis, but after day five, the dogs are barkin.

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Totally agree with the two good pair of shoes. I have hiking or walking sandals, running shoes or hiking shoes and then water shoes or flips flops for the water rides and the swimming pool.

Just changing shoes really helped with my feet. Also, letting shoes dry out (even if it did not rain) in between usages helps. I iike to switch shoes when I go back to the hotel for the afternoon break.

Regarding the best shoes: it really depends on your feet. I love my Tevas but could not wear Keens. I like my Skechers, but my Salomon hiking shoes are amongst my favorite, even though they get very hot.

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Honestly? The best shoes for you walking are going to be different to what are the best shoes for me walking or for someone else walking. It’s highly personal.

If there is a local running store near you, it would be worth a visit to ask them to watch you walk (usually on a treadmill) and make recommendations based on what they see. It’s amazing what getting into the right pair of shoes can do - even if you’re just talking about walking.


I second this. If you don’t know which shoes are good for you, go to the running store. They are great at helping you find the right shoe for you and how you walk.


I used Keen sandals last year with no problems. I believe they are the “Rose” sandals. Great for water rides too, no soggy socks and no blisters.

Honestly, I’v found that a quality pair of insole inserts, such as SuperFeet, make any & every walking shoe better.

I’m not sure this is actually a good idea. I’ve done it for running shoes. But the running shoes I ended up wiith weren’t really the best shoes for walking. They were the best for running! And there are a lot of walking shoes out there that wouldn’t be found in a Running store because you’d never buy them as a runner.

Having said that, I have bought two pairs of running shoes that I love for just walking (I’m fond of New Balance with Cush+ soles), but I’ve also purchased running shoes that I hate for walking, but were great for running (such as a pair of Mizunos).

IF the running store also sells walking shoes, go for it. But the running stores near us don’t.

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Ok, possibly valid.

But at least go to a reputable shoe store and try them on for yourself! And check their return policy - if you can wear them around for a few days to see if they work, it would be ideal.

If I had bought Keens for example based just on internet recommendations, I would have been miserable. Two days and I could hardly walk.

Buying shoes untried based on internet recommendations is akin to diagnosing yourself via google.


I agree with you there!