Best Vegetarian counter-service dining options?

Which counter-service restaurants have the best vegetarian options at the four parks?

Epcot’s Tangierene Cafe might be worth a try.

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Vegetarian options

Check out this link. I’m not sure how recently it was updated, but it’s a pretty comprehensive list of options.

You can also call Disney. They take dietary needs very seriously and have a lot of info.

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Columbia Harbour House at MK.

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There may be better choices but this is what me and my husband go to and he is vegan. If you are okay with dairy there are more choices

Sunshine seasons or electric umbrella in epcot was good

Columbia harbor house and cosmic rays are good for mk

Not so sure about ak or dhs

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This is a bit ild but should help too.

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Thank you…this list is very helpful!

Thank you…will look into these options!

Be Our Guest @ MK (why does everyone like CHH? I thought it was TERRIBLE) always has a good option or two
@ Epcot, Sunshine Seasons is fine, and at least has lots of choices, but in the World Showcase many countries has a veg option, I like falafel @ Tangierene Cafe

See guide re other parks (we usually do table service)

If willing to spring to table service, think about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, or at least swinging by for some dinner, as Boma and Sanaa are both great for veg, and Jiko had OK options

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