Best vegan dining on property

Can I have your suggestions and recommendations for the best vegan dining on property, please. Asking for a friend.

Is chef TJ still at Trail’s End?

He was at Cape May Cafe last I heard. He is a good option, but the seafood smell might put off some vegetarians/vegans.

Maybe pick a restaurant that has plenty of options so they can pick instead of being forced to get the single vegan option on the menu. Places like Tusker House, Sanaa, Boma, and Crystal Palace have many vegan options. There are so many options now. See the Disney guide.

Maybe something in Disney Springs so you can go to Erin McKenna after for a vegan dessert.


No, he’s moved to Cape May Café now. These folks did a review of their vegan meal with him at Cape May and seemed pleased, but noted how strong the buffet smelled.

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How quickly do you need a response? I’m going to WDW with a vegan in mid-January and can report back

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The trip is not till June, so no immediate rush. But I’m thinking about the ADR window opening at 180 days.

Molly from just posted a video where she went vegan for a day. You may find some inspiration there.

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I remember seeing recently articles saying that they would add a vegan entree to every restaurant at WDW. I did notice when we were there around Thanksgiving that it seemed like there were a lot of vegetarian options. Sorry to be so general but we weren’t trying to eat vegan so we didn’t pay close attention.

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I’m not vegan but try to eat vegetarian when possible. Every restaurant does have a veg option now but depends if they are a healthy vegan or not if they want that option. I agree that CP and TH were great for veg options.

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This should help.

We personally have not done any table service in a long time. But so much more has become available. Even before now the chefs usually do an awesome job.

I remember garden grill being a favorite.

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These are our favorite vegan options:
QS: Casey’s, friars nook, peco’s bills
TS: crystal palace, skipper canteen

QS: satuli
TS: tusker house

QS: sunshine seasons, lots of snacks around the world (guac, Mediterranean plate, sushi roll, sorbet from France)
TS: rose and crown

QS: fairfax fare, abc commissary, woodys lunchbox
TS: mama Melrose

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That other forum (Dis) has a dining show podcast - with all the plant based options increasing, they are trying to make sure they try the veg and vegan options when they do reviews. Might be worth a listen. They recently did Coral Reef and raved about the “lobster” salad. They also raved about Docking Bay. Can’t remember whether the options at those two locations were vegan or vegetarian, but perhaps worth a look and worth your friend keeping an eye on their reviews. One of the guys is a former vegan too.

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Most (all?) disney-owned restaurants on property have a plant based item on the menu. Here’s a page from their website listing everything. Plant based is not the same as vegan, so it depends on his level of comfort ordering without speaking with a chef. Disney defines it as “no animal meat, dairy, eggs or honey” So gelatin and bugs (for color) could be used? I’m thinking so. Do not hesitate to ask for a chef, even at quick serve locations. They can often offer off-menu options or make changes to a menu item to meet his needs.

The Mushroom Lobster-Style Salad at Coral Reef has gotten good reviews.

Oh! and dole whip! all fruit flavors are vegan. obvs don’t mix with ice cream.

The sorbet at L’Artisan des Glaces in France/Epcot is vegan as is the waffle cone and choc and rasp sauces.

I think breakfast may be the most difficult meal. If you make an early in the trip hit to Erin McKenna’s Bakery at Disney Springs you can pick up some bagels for the room. I HIGHLY recommend the samoa donut. It is SO GOOD. Everything in the shop is vegan.

Mickey waffles can be made vegan as well.

Your best bet for hotel is probably AKL. They have so many options that are naturally vegan.

We’ve been using this website when planning for our upcoming trip.
I’ll hop back on after our January trip and give you a run-down of what we had and liked/disliked as well as tips for navigating around.

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