Best use of snack credits

What is the best use of the snack credits on the QS dining plan? We wre lucky enough to get the free dining offer for this September and we are just trying to finalize where we are gong to eat while in the parks. But I just can’t figure out the snacks. Is there a list of what is covered under the snack credits? Thank you!

First and foremost, the best use of a snack credit is to get what you want, when you want it, without worry.

That aside, you generally don’t want to use them on simple items like drinks or chips or stuff like that - you’ll get plenty of those at meals anyway and you can always get free ice water from any CS location.

My personal favorites are both in the MK: the gigantic cinnamon bun at Gaston’s (plenty to share!) and Dole whip floats at Aloha Isle.


There’s a list somewhere too.

If you drink coffee, I used them for the biggest, fanciest drinks at the Starbucks locations! Ice cream sundaes anywhere are also a good use. We used them for some gummie candy in Germany and I just saw them in a store at home for 1/4 the price.


One thing that helped us maximize credits was choosing an additional snack/dessert in lieu of our drinks when ordering a QS meal at our resort. We had our refillable mugs so we didn’t need to order a drink. Each time we got a QS meal at our resort (BLT/Contemporary), the cashier let us get an extra “snack” since we weren’t getting a drink. We always opted for a giant cupcake, obviously!

By doing that, I felt like I was maximizing my QS credit and stocking up on “free” snacks - so I didn’t feel guilty about using a snack credit on cheaper items throughout our trips.


Like Kevin said, if you want a snack and you have the credits then use them… I used to have this nasty habit of hoarding my credits because I didn’t want to “waste” them, and then on my last day we’d have a ton left and end up buying out half of the Confectionary!

That said, there are some things I still avoid, like most pre-packaged things. Other than SmartWater (I hate Dasani water, and occasionally I forget my water bottle in the hotel) I usually stick to things that are actually made right at WDW for my snack credits. Not only do they tend to be more expensive and thus a better “value”, fresh things just usually taste better to me. Except Chip & Dale pretzels… sometimes you just want a handful of nice crunchy mass-produced pretzels and the pile of salt at the end of the bag, you know? NEVER use a snack credit on a piece of fruit (apple, banana, orange) because those cost, like, a buck-fifty even at WDW and that’s just throwing snack credits away… if you want fruit go for the fruit cup or pineapple skewer for a better snack credit.

Also, if you want the lowdown, check out this blog that goes into detail about how to get the best value, and even lists some great options.


Good read, thanks!

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Now I’m hungry!! :grinning:

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When we were last at the Food & Wine Festival with our free dining, I think we kind of drew a dollar amount line as to when to use a snack credit and when to use cash. I don’t remember the exact dollar value, but I think it was in the range of $5/6. There are some “snacks” that are $2.99 and those wouldn’t be a great use of a snack credit, but we definitely found items that were $6+ that we made sure to use credits on. Once you are there I’m sure your family will get an idea of the cost of the snacks that you are interested in. Just aim to use credits for the most expensive ones!

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Book marked that, thanks! !!