Best use of fast pass - animal kingdom in a.m. or epcot in p.m

Going to the Walt Disney World for first time with family. Just wondering what is the best use of my fast passes.
Planning on going to Animal Kingdom 7/26 and following the touring plan getting there early in the morning.
Then plan to go to Epcot in evening for extra magic hours.
Should I use my fast passes for Epcot and take the chance that there won’t be long waits for Safari, etc or use my fast passes for Animal Kingdom??
Have done it both ways on touring software and the waits for both animal kingdom with and without a fastpass are pretty much the same?

EMH or not?

Either way you could do EE and Safari at rope drop without horrible waits. Whereas Test Track or Soarin are impossible without (especially Soarin)

I would probably rope drop the heck out of AK and hop to EP for FPP later.

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Thanks for the info. the EMH would be Epcot at night so I think I will do rope drop at AK and save FP for Epcot. Especially since the touring plans show the same waits at AK with and without FP
Thanks for responding!

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Anyone know if it would be better to use a FP for Frozen or Soarin?

Hard to say, until Frozen opens in June. My guess is that Soarin can handle more people per hour than Frozen. UG had described the Maelstrom and Soarin’ as both 4 min wait per 100 people ahead of you in line (with 2 theaters but now it’s 3). But it’s hard to really predict which will be in higher demand - they’ll both be super popular! Given the past frenzy about Anna & Elsa, I bet Frozen will be a much longer wait on standby than Soarin.

You will be using the FPs at Epcot before EMH- right? Are there three FPs you want at EP?