Best use of EMH

How would you plan your day if you are using EMH? are there any touringplans part of the paid subscription plans? I can’t seem to locate any

Links to some touring plans -

Sorry, maybe I didn’t ask the question correctly. I am looking for plans or suggestions for a day with early magic hour - are there any of the plans that are designed for such days?

Hope this clarifies, i am able to see where the general plans are. The question is for tips or plans specifically using this extra hour

You can create a personalised plan to use EMH, and the algorithms will take account of the shorter wait times.

I’m not sure if any of the pre-made plans use them though. I always create my own. If there’s a plan you like, then you can copy it and adjust the hours to use EMH.

Sorry, I thought you were asking 2 different questions.

I always do customised plans too so I’m not sure about the ready made ones.

On this page, it looks like there are some EMH plans “for adults” at MK:

And you’ll need to pay attention to which rides are actually open during EMH. For instance, for Morning EMH at MK, only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open.