Best use of 6 day hopper passes to see everything

We have 6-day hopper passes, what’s the best use of them to see everything? We usually do 2 days in MK for sure, which other park will take 2 days? My other option would be add 1 more day to the passes and go into one of the parks the day we arrive. Party is myself and 2 of my adult daughters.

Thanks for tips!

Two days at HS is probably a good bet these days as well. (It was just a few years ago, HS was a half day park…and now it is a two day park!)

Although, partly depends upon your preferences. We love Epcot, and find it difficult to get through everything there in two days. AK is, for us, definitely a single day park…but again, depends. AK is the most beautiful of the parks, and you can spend a lot of time there if that’s your thing

You might want to make a list of your must dos, and see what comes out on top!


At 6 days, it will be extremely inexpensive to add another day to your tickets so you can visit a park on your arrival day.

I love going to MK on the day we arrive. It hits me with all the magic as soon as we see the train station, Main Street, and the castle. Even if we just walk around and do a few favorites (that may or may not be repeated later in the trip) it is well worth it for us!


Think, after dark. Which nighttime spectaculars will you enjoy a second our third time. Or, which attractions will you enjoy at night, while the crowd is gathered for the big show. And lastly, the look of the park at night. A late safari and stroll through AK is a must do for me.

That’s how I plan hopping.

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Not possible

Have been umpteen times and have yet to see everything :wink:

But others in the thread have some good suggestions on how to see a lot!


I was thinking HS may be a 2 day event now but wasn’t sure! Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the tip, I think I may add the 7th day!!:blush:

My M.O. is always:

Make a list of what you want to do.

Rope Drop - and I mean be in line MIN 30 minutes prior to park entry.

Lunch and pool during the hottest part of the day when attraction lines are the longest.,

Hop to a park at night for lesser tier, low wait, stuff, and late night headliners when the waits are low.

Lather, rinse, repeat.



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We do this in the summer…but during the more temperate months we just keep going all day. :slight_smile:

Well, no arguments other than 30 is good for newbies, so, SHHHHH! They’ll still think they are killing it while I’m on my second ride of the day.

But, OBNurseNH is fully correct.

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I’m a midwesterner, so, even temperate months in Orlando mean pool time after lunch for me.

With 6 + 1 half day, I would do:

Epcot WS: 1 half day
MK 2
Epcot 1
AK 1

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