Best Transportation options between resorts

How do I figure out the best transportation routes to take from resort to resort?

AoA to Wilderness Lodge?
AoA to Polynesian?
AoA to Beach Club?

Try this:

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Beach Club is a <10 min walk from the Epcot skyliner station, so AoA to BC via skyliner should run you about 40-45 min if there aren’t lines to load.

My understanding is that for any resorts without direct connections via skyliner, monorail, or boat, you have to go to one of the parks and then transfer to get to another resort. Hopefully the experts can weigh in, but I’ve heard to allow 1.5 hours for that whole process.

Really, it’s generally worth the cost to Uber or Lyft (or splurge on a Minnie Van) as that will save a ton of time.

Thank you so much, this will be helpful!

Unfortunately we have a party of 7 so we wont fit in a minnie van. But thanks for the information. I am shocked it will take 45min via the skyliner to get from AoA to BC.

Yeah, I was surprised too. We were there 2 weeks ago and I timed how long it took us to go from HS to BC and it was 40-45 min at midday with minimal/zero wait to load. It’s pretty slow and you have to transfer at CB.

Walking BC to HS was <30 min so we did that at RD or whenever there was a line.

Wilderness Lodge and Polynesian would be about the same.

Bus to Magic Kingdom.
Walk to boat dock for boat to Wilderness Lodge.

For the Poly, you could walk up the ramp to the resort monorail.
Or walk past the Wilderness Lodge boat dock to the smaller launch dock for Grand Floridian and the Poly.
We do this especially if it’s not raining as we like the launches.

I went directly from International Gateway to AoA a couple of weeks ago. No way did it take 45 mins. Maybe half that.


Most things say 21 minutes from AoA to Epcot. It also feels much shorter than that while on the skyliner. It is not cramped like buses and is quite relaxing.


Shrug. Maybe we’re comparing apples and oranges. I timed from when we walked out the gate at HS until we arrived at our room at BC. It was 40-45 min depending on how long we had to queue for the 2 skyliner loading points. Since the question was AoO to BC, I was assuming some random point at AoO to some random point at BC. AoO skyliner loading point to Epcot unloading point would be less.

A lot of Minnie Vans are full sized suburbans now. It was their old airport fleet converted to Minnies. We used them everyday the last 5 days and got a suburban 50% of the time. 7 would work fine.