Best TP for DCA?

We're going to go to DL on Sunday at RD, so I was thinking RD at DCA on Monday, but DCA has EE that day. Every day of our trip DCA has EE, except for Thursday, which is the only day that we have MM so we'll use that at DL and get to PP (my favorite - when I was 5, I really believed we were flying).

We're not using our PH's on Tuesday. We'll sleep in, swim, eat lunch and then arrive at 3pm for MNSSHP.

That leaves only Monday and Wednesday as days where we can start out at DCA. Should we just start out at DL every day and the hop to DCA later?

The more I try to do TP's for this trip the more confused and overwhelmed I feel.

Of course, mulling over TP's is more fun than actually packing and loading the car. Schlepping luggage up and down the stairs is the only time I miss my ex wink

I'd dedicate one morning to riding Radiator Springs Racers and the nearby attractions. Maybe with Toy Story Mania (if you haven't already seen it in WDW).

I would start either Monday or Wednesday at DCA. EMH at DCA is way less crowded than EMH/MM at DL since you must be onsite to get it. Being behind an hour isn't as big a deal in DCA as it is in DL. I would start at DL Sunday, DCA Monday, and DL Thursday with MM. Wednesday I would sleep in (after the party Tuesday night) then head to whichever park you want to spend more time in.