Best to get earliest FP or most popular

So, the longest projected ride is Slinky Dog that TouringPlans puts near the end of our day (4:25 PM). Millennium Falcon will be the first ride with, of course, no FP.

My question is…is it better to choose an earlier FP (say Twilight Zone at 11 am) for our 1 and only advanced Tier 1 FP and then try and get SD later while in the park? Or, is it better to do as our touring plan suggests and get an advanced FP to SD? I guess I am concerned that by the time I use TZ at 11 and then maybe Rockin Roller at 1, they may be out of SD fast passes by later in the afternoon.

We are going to WDW in November and crowd levels are projected at a 7.

You’d need to look at when FPP run out for the different rides for different crowd levels:

But I can tell you that except for same day drops, if they have them on tour day, you are incredibly unlikely to get a SDD on the day you are there. Same is true for other top rides like FOP and 7D. Check the chart for more examples.

Fourth and more FPP really work best in magic kingdom anyway. If you want to ride SDD, take whatever you can get.


There does not seem to be any Tower of Terror fast pass availability before August 29th, because the attraction is running at reduced capacity during a refurbishment.

we’ll be there in November so hopefully they will be back to capacity.

I’d make a copy of the plan and play around with it. See what would happen if you got an earlier FP for SDD and rearrange the order a bit.

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Definitely see if you can get things in a better order. I can’t use TPs optimized plan. It had us running all over the park, and I would have been late to dinner, and missed Fantasmic! I rearranged things, and added FPP to some things and it all worked out great. I should even have some free time for adding in some same day fast passes.

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