Best time to see Merida

Doing Rd ...Should we see Merida after PP and WP or before?

I would do PP first, then WP, then Merida. Also, I don't think her meet n greet begins right at RD, many have a delay... Might want to check that.

Ok thanks! Still learning the forum!

KtP has Merida as 9.15-2.25 and 3.45-6.40pm. The other advice I've seen is to line up just before her second appearance. I have no personal experience of whether this works though. Hope it all works out for you.

That is going to be our strategy in October, @BigPetesWife ! We are going to zip over just as the FoF is ending, and line up for her second set. Hope it works out !! wink

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What day(s) are you planning on being in MK? I think we're at WDW at the same time

Have you tried making a personalized touring plan on the TP website? If it were me, I think I'd try that and see what it says about the best wait times... (I'm assuming Merida is an option, not sure if that is correct.)

I don't think Merida is an option on the TP, @B_squared. This is why I am having trouble figuring out when the line might be more reasonable and how long we may have to wait. Merida is a toughy !! smile

We are in MK October 28th, 29th, MNSSHP on the 30th, and back to regular MK touring on the 31st. Our fpp day is in a few....getting nervous. How about you, @BigPetesWife ?

We are in MK on 26, MNSSHP on 30th and MK again on 11/2. Doing some serious work on TPs and FPP times.

Well, we might see you at the party, then ! Its so hard to figure out many factors, especially because we need A&E and 7DMT. Good luck to you !

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Omg, I am in the same boat! There are a few meet and greets that DS wants to do but since they are not in the TP database I am at a totally loss for when to actually do them! I will be in the world at the same time...even doing MNSSHP on 10/30! Have you considered meeting Merida during the party??

Hi, @bethannke ! Yes...MNSSHP is definitely a consideration. I just don't want to count on it in case the line is even crazier !! It might be worth a shot, and if not, we will wait with the masses on the 31st. Good luck to you !