Best time to call phones at WDW?

On just a random Wednesday (Oct 9) I tried calling at 10:30 PM ET, and never got through… after 30 minutes (when the phone lines technically close) I gave up.

Was something special happening? I am surprised that Disney’s customer service would be so shoddy.

Any suggestions on a GOOD time to call?

It’s very common to have a wait time and 30 minutes is not unusual.

I’m not sure if there is a specific reason for it yesterday.

I personally have found that calling in the later evening as you did tends to be a fairly good time. I have not otherwise found it particularly predictable.

Is there any chance we can answer your question? We tend to be more knowledgeable than the CMs on phone lines…

I’ve called 4 times in the last 4 days in the evening. I’ve only had one instance with a wait over 5 minutes. I think you just hit a busy time when everyone was on break or switching shifts…? I hope its better next time for you.

Well, here I am at 9:30AM ET going on 20 min wait… so still busy

I am calling to book:

Is there any way other than calling 407-939-7529? I am tempted to call the other phone line for the Private VIP tours and “play dumb”… :frowning:

ok, update: Oct 10 at 8:30 PM ET I got through in about 3 minutes. The two VIP tours were available, and I booked them! Took about 30 minutes in all (honestly too long – the systems that the cast members have must be slow and complicated). But am happy to have booked the tours

I called 9am last friday and had no wait. This was after I called mid-day wednesday and was told 60 minute wait.

I called last Friday at about 8:30 pm EST and waited maybe 5 minutes. Added discounts on to my existing reservation. Took maybe 15 minutes.

When I called all it would tell me is the wait was “more than 10 minutes”. I would have preferred an actual estimate

Oh I should have mentioned I was calling the number to book a tour…not sure if it is different or a different system.