Best time to BUY Universal tickets?

We are wanting to go to Universal Orlando in June 2019. Should I buy tickets now to lock in the price? Should I hold out to see if there is a special similar to the one they have now “Get 2 Days Free When You Buy 3 Days” or are those kind of special only in off season (current promotion expires Sept 2018.)


I’m curious too

I think that the prices increased only recently. In the past, I have found that if one buys from Universal they are very good about changing/ upgrading the tickets if a special package is later released. For example, I had ordinary park to park tickets but when the first HP package came out, it was easy to change /upgrade to that. In fact it was during the soft opening so we were very lucky. Something worth thinking about.

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Thank you! That is great to know that I can most likely upgrade if a better deal is released!

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