Best time to book a flight?

I’m on the fence as to when the best time to book a flight is.
Last time we went to Disney in October (2 years ago) I was able to score some really low priced tickets, by waiting until the last minute, through Spirit airlines.
For our next trip, in August, I’m not sure I should wait until the last minute. Southwest has some good deals right now, but still 300 dollars more than what we paid last time.
Should I wait or jump on the tickets now. I also like the idea of having everything already booked and not having to worry about it. But if I could save a good chunk of change, waiting might be worth the frustration. What are your thoughts on this?

My flight strategy is usually check prices for various dates throughout the year, see how they compare for your trip dates, book if they look reasonable then DONT CHECK again after you book LOL.

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I just booked my flight with Spirit this week. Have you checked the Hopper app? It will give you predictions on when the best time to buy is. I also learned from a co-worker that you can save about $50 per ticket by going to the airport to buy your tickets with Spirit. I saved $250 for my family of five. I did have to wait in line for a good 45 minutes though.

I do Southwest with points, so I book as soon as I know I’m going and the schedule is released and then I watch for lower fares and rebook at the lower fare if it drops. I think you can do this when you pay cash also, but I don’t remember all the rules for any restrictions on doing it. The biggest problem with doing it with cash is that you end up getting refunded in Southwest travel credit, not getting your money back.


With flights, I usually book sooner rather than later. Sometimes prices tend to go up as the vacation dates get closer. But I usually use Google flights/visit airlines website to monitor them for a week or two, and make sure there aren’t any major fluctuations before I buy!

yea. I bought Jet Blue early and the price has gone up.

I read an article yesterday which said that we will see higher prices for this summer. Booking with Southwest has the advantage that if the price goes down, you can get a credit (you don’t get money back but you can use it as a credit toward a future flight with some restrictions, notably that it has to be used for the original passenger(s) and travel must be completed by the original booking date).

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Ditto for the Hopper app.

And this. You’ve bought it, you’re done, don’t look back :smiley:

Maybe you all know this. …but i booked 2 1 way tix and saved 335 bucks…same flights. so i booked to orlando 2 mos ago and from orlando 1 month ago…total for 2 peeps for both ways for same flights was 335 less than round trip

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Here’s something with a bit of science behind it (sorta like Touring Plans) …