Best time/ ROL

I have just been informed that the Rivers of Light show in August will be at 915pm do I keep my ADR at Yak & Yeti for 645 or do I need to look for one earlier. I have got a dining package at Tuskers House for the ROL at Breakfast so shouldn’t need to get there before 830 due to reserve seating or will that not be the case?

You will probably be fine, but if you can make the reservation for 6:15 I would do that. Or just make sure to get there at 6:15 so you can be seated early or at worst on time. If you are seated bv 6;45 PM I would think you would be able to get out and make it by 8;30 with no problem. The only issue that could arise is if you are not seated by 7:00 PM.

Yes thought that maybe the case I can get one for 4.45pm but we are not having breakfast till 10.00am and we don’t usually do 2 table services in one day so thought that would be to early to eat again but might take that one then save us rushing later on👍

You will have two hours. That should be fine.

I see no problem keeping the current ADR.