Best time of year to sell DVC

My family and I are thinking about selling our DVC, Ive read that the best time of year to sell is right before the year ends- so that the dues dont need to be paid. However, how does this work if I have a December reservation that I’d still like to go on? Do I ask to close right after?

You can say you will not close until after your trip.

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I think you’ll have the most competition at the end of the year so prices might be lower-it’s of folks sell then for the same reason.

Good point

I wanted to add that prices have been recently increasing. Have you been watching the prices?

I think who pays dues is part of the negotiation process. If you’re using points from the UY the dues are covering, the buyer will likely want you to pay. If they are using those points, you’ll probably ask them to pay. And if it is agreed that they’ll pay the dues but the closing is after the dues are due, you’ll probably need to front the money for the dues and have the buyer reimburse you as part of the sale.