Best time of year to go?

So I just got back from WDW and I’m experiencing WDW withdrawal so naturally I’m planning my next trip already. I want to go in 2019 and I have flexibility as it’s just myself and I’ll be taking another adult friend. I know the Crowd Calendar predictions are not good any more but I have looked at the historical crowds and it seems like September is the best time of year to go. Does anyone have any advice about your favorite time of year to go, particularly for adults? I have experienced the holidays for the past two years so am looking for something different.

Sept is great…mild weather, food & wine fest, and reasonable crowds.

We have been in September and May. Definitely prefer May. No parties and we like the Flower and Garden festival. It’s considered regular season, but we found the crowds very manageable. September was hot and humid all day and evening, with a lot of pop up storms. May was hot and sometimes humid, but the evenings are beautiful. We had some rain, but nothing that ruined our day. Weirdly, I found the lines to be very similar in May as to when we went in September.

I have been during the week after Christmas leading into New Years, June, October, and November over Thanksgiving. October was super fun because of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party. We are definitely going back again in 2019 to enjoy that. June was really hot and we found it difficult to stay in the parks very long without needing a break or getting horribly grump.

I think that is correct in terms of lowest crowd level, but I have never gone in September due to the increased risk of hurricane weather effecting my trip. I prefer weekdays in October or November (other than Thanksgiving week). My current thinking for my 2019 WDW trip is that I will go from a Monday to a Saturday sometime between October 15 and December 15. I have never been in May, but would like to schedule a May WDW trip one of these years as I have heard it’s a good mix of crowd level and weather.

I think it depends on what is the most important factor for you–is it low crowds or good weather or special events? We’ve been to Disney every month of the year and there are advantages to many of them. Later in April after spring break is great in terms of crowds; the weather is usually good and the Flower and Garden Festival is going on (early May would be the same). September is great for lower crowds and F&W is going on which is fun for adults but there is the higher risk of hurricanes.

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I concur with @Dreamer depends what is important to you. There’s also Star Wars Land, no fixed opening date yet, but Dec might be good if you want to see that. Where might you stay, anywhere with the skyliner?

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